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Simpler than a whiteboard: design workshops in minutes, engage participants in seconds. Now augmented by AI!

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Why Stormz?

Simpler Than a Whiteboard, Loved by Participants.

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Onboard and engage participants in seconds

No zooming in or out, no panning, no frustrations. Stormz is quick and easy to access, even for first-time users.

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Build workshops in minutes, facilitate with one click

Quickly prepare your session plan. Give access to features as needed. You are in control, even with hundreds of participants.

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Use AI and unique features to step up your game

Unleash creativity with AI, converge with a $100 budget game, and facilitate multicriteria decision sessions.

Perfect for workshop lovers: facilitators, Scrum Masters, Growth Hackers...

What for?

Brainstorming, Decisions, Retrospective, Growth Hacking... You Name it!

Brainstorming, creativity sessions

Generate hundreds of ideas and select the most promising in record time.

Decision-making, risk analysis

Assess ideas, concepts, strategic scenarios or potential risks and take an unbiased decision.

Business, Growth Marketing

Collectively design the best plan for a business, project or strategic initiative.

Seminars, large group events

Engage your audience with powerful ice-breakers and collaborative activities.

Retrospectives, agile ceremonials

Facilitate retrospective, backlog prioritization and brainstorming sessions with your agile team.

Advisory boards, focus groups

Involve customers or key opinion leaders and let them share their insights.

World Café, Open Space

Ask questions, gather everyone’s thoughts and proposals, and debrief in real time.

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Who uses Stormz?

Loved by Facilitators and Their Clients

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How to use Stormz?

Remote or Face to Face: Use Stormz the Way You Want!

More flexible than a whiteboard, Stormz can be used on a giant screen, a laptop, a tablet or a phone.

  • In-person, hybrid or remote sessions.
  • Large group, small group, breakouts.
  • Live or Asynchronously.

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