The Quiz & Survey

Engage your audience & gather precious insights

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Quiz and Survey Design

Add questions and build your quiz or survey in no time

Multiple Choice

Propose multiple options and set how many can be selected by the participants.

Ranking Question

Propose several options and let the participants reorder them.

Open Question

Gather qualitative insights.

Text & Image slide

Display useful information between two questions.

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Configuration is king… customise your quiz!

Setup the quiz or survey to your own needs

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Change the look and feel, embrace our dark mode

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Take control or let the participant answer at their own pace

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Broadcast messages to participants

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Add illustrations, display in full screen

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Prepare all your questions before and focus on the facilitation

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Let participants go back to the previous question

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Facilitate your quiz with keyboard shortcuts

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Control the displayed screen from another device

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Export detailed data on Excel