Why Stormz?

Facilitating workshops & running our online platform since 2012!

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The origins of Stormz

Remember the time when people would say “It’s impossible to do remote workshops, people need to be in the same room to work well together!”. Back then, Alexandre Eisenchteter was already convinced that remote collaboration could save time (no commuting), money (no transport fees) and was more eco-friendly (no plane or car travel). He took matters into his own hands and co-created Stormz 💪.

The platform has been growing ever since, with the inalienable goal of being the ultimate professional tool to brainstorm and collaborate remotely.

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What we’re all about

Today, Stormz is made up of a core, 100% remote team based all around France 🐓🇫🇷. Since the very beginning, the company has been operating without fundraising thanks to the support of its users all over the globe. We owe them an immense debt of gratitude 🙏.

In addition to developing the platform itself, we run workshops. A lot of workshops. We’re die-hard facilitators, and damn proud of it! With our iLow agency, we strive to give participants the greatest and smoothest experience possible: WE KNOW what it’s like to struggle with a digital tool, WE KNOW what it feels like when someone says “Uh... I don’t understand how this tool works, I am lost”. Oopsie daisy! So our mission is simple: make sure that the collaborative experience is as productive as it is enjoyable for all the participants and for yourself!

With that in mind, we often ask questions and discuss these issues directly with our users on our dedicated Facebook group. Join us!

The core team

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Founder of Stormz & ILow
Protector of Power users
Adventurer in Coding

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Queen of Edge Cases
Mother of Theseus
Patron of newbies

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Tamer of VueJS & RoR
Technical wizard
Database watchman

We would not achieve anything without our extended team:

Ben (Support Spirit), Cristina (Admin Vodoo), Agathe (Master of Arts), Gaëtan (Ux Shield), Jules (Word Chiseler).

Free Training with Alex

Alexandre has led workshops for a good number of years now and he's picked up some valuable insights along the way. He will teach how to lead successful workshops using Stormz.

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60-minute free training, limited spots available!

Our values

What we believe in

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We support positive and sustainable initiatives

We believe that remote sessions are an efficient way to reduce your daily carbon footprint compared to in-person meetings (pros and cons should be assessed on a case-by-case basis, of course).

We also do everything we can to mitigate the company’s environmental impact: avoid transport and replace flights by train travel whenever possible, zero printing policy for daily work, reduce internal emails to the bare minimum, etc. We also support educational organisations and non-profits with generous discounts, and promote high-impact positive projects by offering them free accounts. Get in touch with us if that’s your case! Please note that we purposely do not communicate on these actions.

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We respect the privacy of our users

Our technical team is fully dedicated to protecting the personal information of all our users: our data is stored in France, we do not sell information to third parties and collect as little private information as possible to run our services (we only collect your email address for login purposes!). On top of that, we don’t use analytics or advertising cookies.

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We value our independence

Since the very first day, the company has been operating without any fundraising thanks to the support from its users from all around the world. This independence is absolutely key: it means that your personal data won’t be sold to third parties, and that we won’t be seeking a better ROI to please investors. Our only goal is to provide the best service possible.

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