The Workshop

Meet the most intuitive & powerful facilitation board

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Session Design & Facilitation

Create workshops in minutes and onboard participants in seconds

The Event

Make it easy to join: regroup all your workshops and quizzes in one central place.


Precisely decide what the participants can do and can see.


Make it crystal clear: display instructions and/or import your slides.


No time for prep? Create workshops with one of our 40+ templates.

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Ideation, Selection, Development…

Go beyond brainstorming!

Merge, Reorder, Regroup

Make sense of all the ideas. Reorder, regroup, merge, duplicate cards in no time.


Quickly select the best ideas with one of our voting systems.


Refine your ideas and develop them into full-blown concepts.

Multiple criteria evaluation

Time for unbiased decisions! Compare concepts and take a collective decision.

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Sign Up for Free

Start your 10-day free trial, no credit card required.

Data vizualisation

Illuminate new insights in real-time

Bar chart

Analyze overall vote results with the bar chart.

Bubble Chart

Compare the strength of your ideas with the bubble chart.

Word Insight cloud

Explore hundreds of insights, click on a word and reveal the insights.


Need more data? Get detailed and structured exports of your session.

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And much more

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Workshop design & management

  • Content reset
  • Workshop duplication
  • Import cards from CSV
  • Export as template
  • Step templates
  • Customize event background
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Workshop facilitation

  • 9-digit access code
  • Password protected access
  • Unique workshop link
  • Observer & facilitator roles
  • Activity stream
  • One-click view synchronization
  • Messages
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Card features

  • Style bar
  • Emojis
  • Threaded comments
  • Pictures & file attachment