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Our AI boosters

Easy to use, one-click AI Brainstorming for facilitators

Think better with AI

Gently help participants formulate more robust ideas by providing personalized lines of thought.

Brainstorm Ideas with AI

Initiate a brainstorming session and spark creativity with a first set of ideas.

Illustrate Ideas with AI

Generate creative illustrations of intangible ideas, run fun ice-breakers.

Brainstorm 'How Might We' Questions

Generate 'How Might We' questions to offer a wider perspective on the problem at hand.

Generate Variations of an Idea with AI

Expand an existing idea by generating three distinct variations of that idea.

Refine Ideas with AI: list Pros, Cons and more

Develop and refine ideas by listing pros, cons, first steps, and/or other relevant considerations.

Cluster & Theme Ideas with AI

Group similar ideas together to identify themes and enhance comprehension.

Label Idea Groups

Create concise labels for each group of ideas for effortless recognition.

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Test Stormz AI. It's Free!

Start your 10-day free trial, no credit card required.

Build in public

Join our journey: Witness the evolution of our AI-Powered features

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April 3rd - 8th Sprint: help participants formulate more robust ideas

"Introducing Stormz's 7th AI-Powered Feature: "Thought Pathways" 🧠. Designed to guide participants in enhancing their ideas by understanding the workshop context and the initial stages of their thought process...."

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March 27th - 7th Sprint: Label a group of ideas

"We're introducing a new AI-powered feature that makes it even easier to make sense of contributions by asking our AI to create a 2-3 word label for each group of cards..."

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March. 19th - 6th Sprint: cluster hundreds of ideas in one click

"Whoa! Paul and I just wrapped up our 6th Stormz AI Coding! And guess what? We nailed it! 🥳 Introducing the "Idea Clustering" magic! This bad boy takes a huge pile of ideas, sorts them into neat clusters, and even labels them for you..."

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March. 13th - 5th Sprint: generate images to illustrate ideas

"Stormz AI sprint 5 is underway, and we can now infer images from ideas in just one click!..."

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March. 6th - 4th sprint: upgrade to GPT-3.5-Turbo and improve AI-boosters

"The 4th Stormz AI coding sprint is a success! We upgraded to the latest OpenAI API, which is faster and cheaper, and also improved existing AI features - they now take into account previously submitted ideas which greatly enhanced..."

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Feb. 27th - Third AI Booster: refine and develop ideas

"Mindblowing! Stormz's latest AI-powered feature helps participants take their ideas to the next level. Check out my quick and dirty screencast for a sneak peek: you'll see the Ai generate a list of pros and cons, along with personalized suggestions for improvements and next steps..."

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Feb. 20th - Second AI Booster: build upon ideas

"Yesterday, we released our second AI booster for Stormz (the brainstorming software). This AI-powered featured is based on one of the key principle of divergent thinking: “Build upon existing ideas”..."

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Feb. 13th - Introducing Stormz's first AI Booster!

"I've tested our first AI booster for Stormz and I just love it. This AI-powered feature generates ideas automatically based on the title of your workshop and its subtopics, using the GPT-3 model. Of course, you can still use all your favorite features of Stormz such as voting, commenting, and clustering..."

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Even better combined with Stormz powerful features

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Plan your session from start to finish

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Reorder, regroup, merge, duplicate cards in no time

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Select the best ideas with one of our voting systems

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Take decisions with multicriteria evaluations

Image or icon quiz-tab-icon-survey.svg

Analyze vote and rating results on graphs

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Exports structured data of your session to Excel

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