The word cloud: rings a bell?

The word cloud, also known as the tag cloud, was the little darling of last year’s Spring & Summer Collection. Often used as an ice-breaker or as an ending sequence of a day-long workshop, it is a highly efficient visual tool which is, unfortunately, often used in a rather superficial way.

Stormz’ home-made word cloud: how does it work?

To go even further, we recently developed a new feature: The Insight Cloud. The word cloud By clicking on the word of your choice, you will find the content and sentences where it was used. The cards that contain the word

Why use it? And when?

Why? The Insight Cloud is a great tool to comment, very quickly, on a wide variety of topics, from assessing the general mood to reflecting on your company’s strategy. It is the ideal sequence if you don’t have enough time for a vote or a detailed evaluation. It also enables a structured and highly visual analysis of the issue at hand.


Length: 5 to 10 minutes. Level: Very easy Advantages: Quick, visual, energizing.

Learn more on our dedicated Insight Cloud Help page.