Why work in groups of three?

Why not in groups of two? Four? Ten people?

Stormz organizes workshops which may vary in shape (one room, several rooms, amphitheaters) or size (from 10 up to more than 1000 participants). The goals and issues are always different from one workshop to another, the tools, constantly upgraded and improved, and activities are not something we lack of in our catalogue. However, among all this flexibility that we cherish, there is one element that never changes : the participants always, invariably, work in groups of three (and obviously, if you're, let's say, a group of 334 participants, we can make a small exception to that rule...).

Two people are two few: it lacks contradicting views, intellectual buzzing and confrontations of conflicting ideas.

Four are a bit too many: with it comes risks of mumbling mumbo-jumbo, disorder, divisions in two subgroups of two, of waste of time.

Let’s not even mention groups of ten...

Three is the ideal figure, the consensual number, the productive layout, humble by its size, arrogant by its creative power.

In groups of three, the collective presence's structure can motivate potential free riders or temper big-mouthed collegues, but is still flexible enough to unleash waves of creative ideas.

The trio expresses the power of the individual while guaranteeing the efficiency of collective work. For when a group doesn't function properly (which, of course, can always happen), it does not influence the rest of the participants. There lies the trick : motivation and enjoyement can jump for one table to the next and link everyone together, while negative attitudes and dysfunctions remain within the frontiers of the group in question.

The trio puts the individual and its uniqueness at the heart of huge collaborative events, even (in particular) for very large groups.

This belief is the result of the experience and expertise we have gathered over hundreds of collaborative workshops. This is the reason why we have decided to put groups of three at the heart of our events and therefore, at the heart of your success.

Our workshops are the only places where being the third wheel is not a problem. But the solution.