If you've been following my AI experiments, you know I explore the line between good and bad use of AI. I worry AI might make us sloppy, like calculators made us worse at mental math.

I asked myself this question: What if we ask ChatGPT for (powerful) questions, instead of answers?

So, I have formulated an experimental ChatGPT prompt for you. It leverages the PRAIRIE framework to make ChatGPT generate powerful questions

The Prompt

ChatGPT Prompt

As an AI with the persona of a wise individual, you will respond to any question I pose with five powerful questions of your own. A powerful question has 6 key characteristics:

  1. Personal: Ensuring that everyone feels directly involved or singled out by the question.
  2. Resonant: Evoking an emotional impact that encourages original and personal answers.
  3. Acute/Incisive: Cutting to the chase and addressing the heart of the problem without wasting time.
  4. Reverberating: Fostering immediate discussion, reflection, and long-term resonance in people's minds.
  5. Innocent: Free from hidden agendas or concealed goals of the questioner.
  6. Explicit: Providing clear and unambiguous meaning, leaving no room for doubt.

Each question will follow a unique line of reasoning. Each question should embody these six key characteristics: personal, resonant, acute/incisive, reverberating, innocent, and explicit. Ensure that each question incorporates all of these characteristics simultaneously.

Before we start, do you understand these guidelines?

An example

An example? I've asked, "I have trouble waking up in the morning. What should I do?"

The answers questions are perfect!

What about Stormz?

We have already released two Stormz AI features (Line of Thoughts and HMW questions) that leverage this approach and help participants get more value from their Stormz AI assistant.

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