There are numerous creativity techniques. One of my all-time favorites is the random word technique. It's simple, fun, and highly effective in sparking creative ideas that would have never occurred otherwise.

What is Random Word?

The random word technique for brainstorming is a creative problem-solving method that uses unrelated words as a starting point to spark new ideas and insights. The goal is to break free from conventional thinking patterns and encourage lateral thinking by making unexpected connections.

Positive Word Generator

Positive Word Generator

Negative Word Generator

Negative Word Generator

How to facilitate an ideation session with Random Word?

1. Define the problem

Start by clearly identifying the problem or challenge you want to address. This sets the stage for focused and effective brainstorming.

2. Generate a random word

Use my random word generator or any other method (like picking a word from a book) to obtain an unrelated word. This word will serve as the spark to ignite new ideas.

3. Make associations

Look at the random word and jot down any associations or thoughts that come to mind, regardless of how bizarre or unrelated they may seem.

4. Connect the dots

Now, examine the associations you've listed and try to connect them with the problem at hand. Think about how these associations can provide a fresh perspective, inspire new solutions, or reveal hidden opportunities.

5. Evaluate and refine

Evaluate the ideas generated and select the most promising ones. Refine and develop these ideas further to make them more relevant and applicable to your problem or challenge.

6. Repeat the process

If needed, generate another random word and repeat the steps above to continue exploring new possibilities.

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