New to Stormz? Well, you are in the right place and you are about to get up to speed with the art of facilitating collaborative sessions with Stormz.

What can I do with Stormz?

Stormz is a tool that helps you design and facilitate in-person or online collaborative sessions. You can create two types of activities or "stormz" : workshop activities or quiz activities. These activities can be regrouped into one Event.

You can create a Workshop to:

  • Explore a vision,
  • Formulate a challenge,
  • Understand a user, a product or a market,
  • Brainstorm ideas,
  • Develop and evaluate solutions or prototypes,
  • Formalize an action plan,
  • Assess a project or conduct a retrospective...

Have a look at our template library to see many different examples of Stormz workshops.

You can create a Quiz to:

  • Survey the audience,
  • Test the knowledge of your participants,
  • Organize a trivia competition...

How can I use Stormz?

Stormz is so flexible that it is used in many different ways:

  • Online with remote participants or In-person
  • With a small number of people or with large crowds (+1000)
  • Synchronously (everybody participates at the same time) or asynchronously (accross several days)

Of course, we advise you to start with smaller groups, it is easier ;-)

Who is using Stormz?

Stormz is used all over the world by:

  • Agile teams,
  • Change Agents,
  • Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving or Six Sigma practionners,
  • Facilitators,
  • Marketing teams,
  • Project managers,
  • R&D or product teams,
  • Trainers and teachers.

And many others...

What is the easiest way to start using Stormz?

The simplest way to use Stormz is to pick one of our templates and play with it.

Have fun!