A Quiz or a Survey in Stormz is made of a series of different types of slides:

  • Multiple choices questions that allow participants to respond to predefined anwers.
  • Open questions that allow participants to respond in their own words.
  • Sortable questions that allow participants to sort different options.
  • Presentation slides to display instructions or information.

A Stormz Survey

All slides can be illustrated with an image. MCQ and Sortable questions can be set with a correct answer.

A quiz can be synchronous, when the facilitator pushes the slides to the participants one by one. It can also be asynchronous, in this case the participants answer to the questions at their own pace, one after another.

These different options allow you to build activities for different use-cases:

  • a survey: you ask questions to your attendees to gather feedback
  • a quiz: you ask multiple questions and participants must find the correct answer

Where is the Quiz documentation?

The documentation of the Quiz is currently in our legacy documentation site.

We will update this section very soon!