Once you've created a Workshop, Quiz, or Event on Stormz, there are several ways to invite participants:

  • Share a link: Easily invite participants by copying and pasting the link in an email or chat. This is convenient if your participants don't have Stormz accounts.
  • Share a nine-digit code: Another way to invite participants, especially if they already have Stormz accounts. Participants can enter the code directly on their Dashboard or on https://stormz.me/en/join.
  • Send an email from the Stormz platform: Participants will receive an email with your message and a button to redirect to the workshop. The invitation link can only be used once, providing an additional layer of privacy and security for organizers as the link cannot be shared with others who were not originally invited.

In addition to the methods of inviting participants, Stormz also offers additional options for you to choose from

One of these options is to enable guest accounts, allowing participants to join your workshop, quiz, or event without the need to provide an email address. This can simplify the registration process for your participants.

Another option is to add a password to protect access to the activity, providing an additional layer of security for sensitive or confidential information.

Tips & tricks

  • Workshops and Quizzes within the same Event share the same invitation link and code.
  • If your activity is located within an Event, the link and code gives access to all the activities within the Event and there are no direct links or code to a single workshop or quiz within the Event.
  • Avoid asking attendees to create an account on our platform prior to a workshop. Chance are at least one of them will forget their password. Instead, set aside 5 minutes at the beginning of your workshop for everyone to create an account or log in at the same time.