You can reorder the clusters withing the layout of the board at anytime:

  1. Open the Display menu from the facilitator bar.
  2. Ensure that the Board tab is selected.
  3. Select your desired option to sort clusters.
  4. Click on Save & sync.

Cluster sorting options

  • Custom: Arrange clusters in the exact order you specify by dragging and dropping them (see below).
  • Oldest / newest: Show clusters in order of creation, from oldest to newest or vice versa.
  • Random: The order of cards will be different for each participant.
  • Most / least votes: Display clusters in order of votes received, from the highest to the lowest or vice versa.

After selecting your sorting order, remember to click "Save & Sync" to apply these changes to all participants' screens.

Reorder clusters manually

You can reorder clusters in the order of your choice. To do so:

  1. Open the Display menu, select the Board tab and in sort clusters select custom
  2. Move your mouse above the cluster title
  3. A move icon will appear in the middle move icon
  4. Drag and drop the cluster to the desired position.