An easy way to save, share and reuse an event is to export it as a .stormz file.

The .stormz file include all the activities, their content and settings.

To import an event

  1. When on your dashboard, click on "Create a Stormz"
  2. Below, click on "Import a custom template"
  3. Drag & drop a file in the import zone or click on "click to select one" and select a stormz file from your computer
  4. The activity will be immediatly imported (it may take some time if it contains a lot of content so be patient 🙃) and you will be automatically redirected to it


I have an error which says "Version unsupported".

It can happens when you try a import an Event to a Stormz Box that have not been updated. Ensure the box is up to date.