You can reset a workshop when you want to clean the content of a workshop while keeping its structure - for example, after you have made some tests.

  • Clusters: all the clusters and the cards will be removed
  • Votes: all votes will be removed and budget will be restored
  • Cards: all the cards will be removed
  • Items: all list items will be removed
  • Ratings: all ratings will be removed
  • Comments: all comments will be removed
  • Attachments: all attachments will be removed

⚠️ Danger Zone:

  • When removing the clusters, it will also remove all the content listed below (votes, cards, items, ratings, comments and attachements).
  • Resetting is irreversible, we cannot recover the data.

Reset the content of a Workshop ⚠️

  1. Open the settings sidebar,
  2. If necessary, scroll down to find the Reset settings,
  3. Select the type of content you want to reset, and click on the Reset button.