You can manage a participant's role and access from within a workshop.

  1. Open the participants sidebar,
  2. Find the participant in the list, if necessary scroll down
  3. Open the menu and select the action.

The menu to manage a participant

Assign roles in a Workshop

From the menu select Change role and pick a new role for the participant:

  • Attendee: by default, what they can do and see depends on the permissions and settings of the current step,
  • Observer: for participants who need to see everything at all time
    • can modify filters and sorting order (for themselves, cannot sync or save),
    • see the vote and rating results,
    • can open the activity sidebar,
    • can open the participant sidebar (but cannot manage participants)
  • Co-facilitator: if you need someone else to move the group from one step to the other
    • can do all an observer can do,
    • can move participants from one step to the other (but cannot change step settings),
  • Facilitator: can do everything, including:
    • ⚠️modifying all the settings
    • ⚠️deleting content
    • ⚠️deleting the workshop

Note: the user who creates a workshop can only get the Facilitator role.

Example of participants with different roles

Learn more about roles in the invitation chapter.

Disable a participant

You can prevent a participants to access the workshop.

Learn more about disabling participants.

Remove a participant ⚠️

⚠️ Danger zone: removing a participant will also delete all their contributions.

You can remove a participant from a workshop.

Learn more about removing participants.