What are "steps" used for?

A typical workshop is structured as a succession of tasks, known as steps in Stormz.

By preparing and setting up the steps in Stormz ahead of the workshop, you can structure your session end-to-end before it even starts. Once the workshop begins, you can simply unfold what you have prepared, much like with a slide deck.

Steps inside Stormz

How do "steps" work?

In Stormz, you have full control over the steps of your workshop and can choose exactly what they will be about and what they should cover.

For each step, you can customize:

  • Instructions: Provide clear guidance to participants on what they need to do with detailed instructions and visuals. The instruction sidebar
  • Display and sorting options: Decide what will be displayed and how it will be arranged. The filter options
  • Permissions: Control what participants can and cannot do. The permission options

Please note that if plan does not go as you expect you can always change this live ;-)