A Stormz Workshop is a digital collaborative activity where participants work together to solve a problem or challenge, resulting in a deliverable such as a list of solutions, a developed concept, a decision between alternatives, or a prioritized list of actions.

A Stormz SWOT workshop

These ideas are added by participants and represented as cards regrouped within various clusters.

The progression through the workshop is managed by the facilitator by moving the group from one step to the next.

An analogy for understanding the Workshop might be a brainstorming session using post-its (i.e cards) on different flipcharts (the clusters), where the facilitator decides when it is time to move from the idea generation (i.e. a first step) to the voting process (a second step).

On each step participants can do a number of things, like:

  • Brainstorm ideas by adding cards in the clusters.
  • Select most promising ideas by voting.
  • Develop ideas into concepts with lists,
  • Evaluate concepts along several criteria with the ratings.
  • And many more.

When should you use the Workshop?

The Workshop is a great tool to:

  • Explore a vision,
  • Formulate a challenge,
  • Understand a user, a product or a market,
  • Brainstorm ideas,
  • Develop and evaluate solutions or prototypes,
  • Formalize an action plan,
  • Facilitate an agile retrospective...