Stormz word cloud fetches the words written in the cards of a workshop to display a word cloud.

the insight cloud with a word selected

Show and setup the word cloud

Click on the Display menu on the facilitator bar and then click on WordCloud to display it.

the insight cloud


Once your wordcloud has been generated, some options are available:

  • Size: You can increase/decrease the size of words
  • Number of words: by default, it shows the 100 most mentionned words but you can adjust to show more/less words
  • Locale: you can switch between French and English - it is important for the stemming to works correctly
  • Words to remove: some repeated words may not be useful for the debrief so you can hide them

⚠️ Important: Once your view and sorting orders have been selected, do not forget to click on "Sav & sync" to apply those to your participants screen!

The effects of stemming

A stemming algorithm will be applied to the content and common words of the language will the removed - you can choose between French and English.

Show cards containing the word

To all display cards that contain a word, click on the word in the word cloud. We'll display the corresponding cards on a sidebar on the right.

the insight cloud with a word selected


Want to only show cards from a cluster? You can filter with the available options in the filter menu

New cards created while the wordcloud is published will be automatically added.