Your multirating criteria can be managed from one central place. You can edit each criteria and customize its settings and its rating scale.

Open the criteria manager

  1. Open the step sidebar
  2. Open the sidebar menu and click on Manage criteria

Open criteria manager

It will open the criteria manager: The criteria manager

Add one or several criteria

You can either click on Add criterion or on Add set of criteria:

  • Add set of criteria: you can pick from our list of predefined sets of criteria (names, scales and descriptions are already determined)
  • Add a criterion: create a criterion from scratch
    • Enter the name of the criterion
    • Select the appropriate scale according to your needs
    • Click on “Add” or on “Add and customize”

Edit and customize a criterion

Click on the pencil icon to open the settings window: Admin window: edit a criterion

Edit generic settings

There you can change:

  • The name of the criterion
  • A description - to help attendees understand the meaning of the criterion
  • The weight - to give more importance to a criterion in the overall score

Customize the scale

If you want to customize the scale:

  • Values - you can add or delete as many values as you want
  • Labels - for each value, you can add a custom label defining it.

😎 Pro tip: you can also decide to add labels only to the lowest and highest values so that participants understand clearly what is the “top” and “bottom” ends of the scale.

Note: You cannot change the scale, values and labels of a criterion once some ratings have already been added. You will need to reset them to make modifications.

Other actions

Duplicate a criterion

  1. Click on the duplicate icon next to the criterion you want to duplicate.
  2. It will create a new criterion with all its settings. If needed, edit the newly created criterion

Delete a criterion (and all the ratings)

Caution! Deleting a criterion will also delete all the existing ratings made with that criterion in an irreversible and permanent way. A warning message will appear to ask for your confirmation. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on red bin next to the criterion that you need to delete.
  2. Confirm the deletion.

warning modal: confirm deletion


Participants cannot rate cards

Participants cannot see the average ratings